About Tito Alho

-Researcher, curious, adventurer and explorer of new experiences.

-He has done a lot of different activities, courses and workshops linked to the body and mind and various camps of knowledge.

-He has researched a lot about a lot of different therapies linked to the body, to the touch, massage and movement.

Habilitations and experience:

Bachelor and master degree in Sports and physical education in the exercise and well-being branch 

Strutural, visceral and cranial osteopathy

Visceral Manipulation

Fascial techniques and fasciatherapy

Kinesiotaping/Neuro-muscular bandages

Dynamic neuromuscular Stabilization

Neurokinetic Therapy


Ido Portal - European Movement Meeting 2018

Massage and Manual therapist - since 2005 / 18 years

Contact improvisation - Since 2015 / 8 years

Hip Hop and variations - Since 2007 / 16 years

Personal Trainer - Since 2012 / 11 years

And others....


Regular Events


Danced Tantra 20:15 to 22:15


Dance and Moviment exploration 20:15 to 22:15h


Contact Improvisation Class and Jam 20h-22:30h

Monthly Events

Contact Improvisation Jam

Cuddle party

 Open Performances

26 Of April Ecstatic Dance Embracing Circle

27 of April Outdoor Get Together/Picnic

City Exploring

Future Events

HolisticJourney day event - Coming Soon

HolisticJourney Retreat - Coming Soon