A different vision to exercise and movement.Exercise classes with different formats.

 The classes can be indoor or outdoor. They can be in a Studio, in the street or in a park.

The first exercise classes are mainly based with a circuit structure with an integrated approach of different concepts to improve alignment, movement, mobility and physical conditioning.

The classes aims to improve and change movement patterns, improve posture, prevent cardiovascular dysfunctions and musculoskeletal injuries by doing exercise in a good way.


Improvement of movement patterns and specific and general body movements

Improvement of Posture and alignments

Physical condition

Prevention of injuries and dysfunctions

Improvement of body consciousness

Muscle Gains, muscle tone and resistance

Coordination, Equilibrium and body control

Improves caloric expenditure

Learning how to do the movement or in a better way

Improves well-being in general

Improves self-esteem and self-confidence

Helps control and can reduce anxiety and depression

Improves spleep quality

Improves cardiovascular and respiratory function

Improves emotional and mood states

Helps in weight management and weight loss

Personal Training

Individual / Duo / Trio / Small groups

More Common:


Sport Specific

Human Performance 

Muscle Tone

Muscle Resistance

Cardiorespiratory and physical conditioning

Strength training

Functional training

 Weight loss


Injury prevention and rehabilitation



Changing and improving Movement Patterns

Conscious Training

Postural training

Special Populations/Situations:





Respiratory Diseases

Cardiovascular Diseases

Osteoporosis, Arthritis

Spine Deviations /scoliosis, Lower back injury/pain , Neck injury/pain, Disc herniation's, Protrusions

Diverse Postural Problems



Bodyweight training (calisthenics)

Dance, Body consciousness and Body expression 

 Movement Concepts 

Stretching and mobility 

Interval training

Soft Movements 

Group Training

Postural training 

Interval training