Comic Body Flow


All in one

Has all the themes and elements of Cosmic Body flow Blended together.

Allows to try a little of each theme and how they can be connected to each other.


Body development - Control and Awereness

Learning more about the body and how it moves

Exploring and improving body control

Further developing body awareness

Expanding and possibilities on what the body can do

Developing/Bulding/Stabilizing the foundations elements of the body

Connection, Contact, Fluidity and movement

More focused in different forms of connection and contact.

Integration of movements and concepts

Bigger and vast exploration of movements

Soul of a Warrior

Awakening the fighting spirit and the warrior inside of everyone.

Exploration of expressions and movements of combat

The Journey in the ways of touch

Integrated with Contact and movement

How the touch can be importante in our lifes and how is connected in different situations of contact and movement

Learning different types of touch, how to touch, how to use the touch, how to integrate or change the touch in a fluid and harmonious way.


Blind World

A sensorial journey with different forms of visual privation.

Development of other forms of perception and of "vision/sight", without the use of vision, one of the most predominant senses.


Exploration of movements

  Focused in exploring diferent concepts of movement, inspire and give a universal insight of possibilities

Object Improvisation and exploration

Centred on how we can adapt, play, create or develop ourselfs with objects/props 

how we interconnect or integrate the objects with our actions and develop something new with them.

Inner Jungle

The junggle inside the being.

How in the passing times we have imitated and being inspired by various animal behaviours.

And our search for pre historical creatures, creation of mystic and mythtological beings

Expression, Emotions and Representation

How we develop our way of expression, the connection of expression to emotions and how the can be contagious

How we can explore the big world of representation, building something from nothing, character building, using/making histories, playing different characters, actions, situations or historical/fabricated events.

Music Challenge

Music is magic and contagious.

Musical interpretation, the musical elements/instruments, the transmited emotion, the emotions felt, musical comprehention

Creation of connections with all the forms imaginable and unimaginable

Art of Sillyness

What is funny?

What is silly?

What is comedy?

Creation and fun with improper things or on whats different than normalinconcebível

acting without thinking and without being rational sometimes can be more dificult than an acion made with premade ideas or a plan in our mind, with the culture and society that we are inserted

T.He art Play

Play - yalp

W       i          t     h

A                    R           T

F    r   O   m              T                   h    E  a R t

Word Play


Object art

Body as art

Colective art



H o W 










Slow and suble Movements

May also have elements of dance, auto-massage, dynamic stretching, body awareness, breathing exercises, meditation and energetic exercises