Outdoor Workouts


 Bodyweight based exercise class. Can have different formats, being the most commun one in circuit. Has an integrated approach of different concepts to improve alignment, movement, mobility and physical conditioning of the praticants.

What can happen in classes?

Simple exercises (May not be easy)

Balance exercises

Postural exercises

Body control


Muscle Strength or resistence exercises 

Stretching, Mobility and Dynamic stretching

Isometric exercises

Muscle activation exercises

Cardiovascular exercises

Body stabilization exercises


- Improvement of movement patterns and specific and general body movements

- Improvement of Posture and alignments

- Physical condition

- Prevention of injuries and dysfunctions

- Improvement of body consciousness

- Muscle Gains, muscle tone and resistance

- Coordination, Equilibrium and body control

- Improves caloric expenditure

- Learning how to do the movement or in a better way

- Improves well-being in general

- Improves self-esteem and self-confidence

- Helps control and can reduce anxiety and depression

- Improves sleep quality

- Improves cardiovascular and respiratory function

- Improves emotional and mood states

- Helps in weight management and weight loss