Cuddle party

Cuddle party

What is it?

An event with the aim of building a safe space to give and/or recieve touch. Feeling body proximity, to relax and to feel afection

Some of the benefits:

Learning clear and easy communication skills

Creating bounderies in a simple and straightfoward way

Give and/or receive touch in a safe environment where the bournderies are respected

Reduces Stress and anxiety

Improvement of connection

Improves global and psicological well being

Improves the quality of sleep

Why should i go? 

You can come to the event to meet new people, Have interesting conversations, to touch, to be touched, have fun, practice asking what you want or "saying yes", practice saying "no" to what you don't want.

In a safe space for exploration and fun.

The participants can be in groups, others in pairs. some can be just talking, with no touch or proximity. 

 They can be touching with just the feet, being near each other or being hugged, doing head rub/massages, afective touch on the body. Always with consent and stopping if there is a instruction of it at any moment. 

Structure of the event:

Opening Circle

Guided group dynamics

Free moment of exploration (afection, touch, hugs, talks, Body proximity)

Closing Circle

What might happen:

Opening/closing Circle

individual presentation in circle, Concept and rule explanation

connection exercises

Bounderies exercises

Consent exercises



Afective Positions