Danced Tantra

Danced Tantra

It’s a gathering of beings that have the manifestation of doing a journey of their inner being, with other or others. 

It’s about sharing life experiences, dancing in many ways and exploring senses in a respectful, confortable and safe environment.

What is tantra for Tito Alho

Its a form of connection, exploration e evolution of oneself as being and identity in all aspects. 

How to learn to communicate, interact and connect with the other(s) in all levels and learn how to listen, feel and get to know the other(s) and the other(s) ourselves. 

Sharing, Giving and receiving.


Reduces Stress and anxiety

Improvement of connection

Improves global and psicological well being

Improves Body Awareness

Improves the quality of sleep

What can happen in a class?

Breathing exercises

Connection exercises

Individual, pair and group dancing

Contact dance

Improvisation dance

Different ways of expression and creativity

Body expression

Vocal exercises

Games and playfullness

Touch and massage

Tantra exercises


Awareness exercises

A lot of diffrent group dynamics



Bounderies and consent exercises