Ecstatic dance

Ecstatic Dance Embracing Circle

What is the ecstatic dance?

Its a freedom group celebration with the use of the body and dance.

It starts with a opening circle.

With a inicial warm up body practice of 30 to 60 minutes.

A SoundJourney of 1:30 to 2h wirh a sound wave.  

It starts with soft music, may have a varaity of music styles, until getting to a climax with fast music. Then it starts slowling down gradualy until getting to stillness.

May have guided meditation or a relaxing activitity.

Finishes with a circle and sharing

The Ecstatic Dance Embracing Circle may have more activities than the initial format.

May have shows or performances.

Has the aim of creating a inclusive and embracing group. Being this way a more reduced group than the usual normal ones. Going to a maximum of 30/35 people

Ecstatic dance Guidelines:

- Barefoot or with socks

- No talking in the dance floor

- No Drug and alcohol

- No photos or videos, cellphones muted and out of sight

- Have Awareness for the space and each other

- Move your body however you wish

- You can dance alone, or with others. Respect others decisions if they accept dancing or not.