Outdoor get together

Outdoor get together

Outdoor gathering with a activity in the beginning and hang in out after the activity.

There will be a different activity Shared each time  for 30-45 minutes. 

There also will be a small performance from 2 to 10 minutes

then, open space to eat, drink, talk, dance or what you like to do or share.

Picnic - bring drinks/food - Sharing is optional.

The main purpose is to share, meeting new people and making new friends/conections

Dog friendly event

Anybody is welcome to come. Its good having a open and relaxed mindset.

We are open of proposals/colabs

Some of the activities can be:

Individual dancing

Pair dances

Group dances or group dynamics

Movement Practices



Representation/Improv/theater impro/clowning

Circus arts

Connection dynamics

Sharing performances/talents