Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt

This treasure hunt may have different stories, formats and places.

The formats can be:

A orieentering hike and team challenge, a journey and different spots. You will have questions or tasks with indications on what and how you will have to do them. When the tasks are finished you will recieve clues to continue the journey, the order to do them and how to finish it.

A clue game, where the participants have tasks to complete until they find the end of the journey or the treasure. After completing the task, they will recieve the next clues for the next spot or a enigma to help them find the next spot. There they will find the nex clue of the game. The game finished when they get to the final spot or when the find the treasure.

A search for different objects in a specific order. That Object will have with it, clues for the next object. There may additional tasks to complete to find certain objects.

It finishes then you find the last object. 

Some of the stories can be related with:

Addapted fairy tales

Addapted from known films or series

Original stories



Addapted Animation or cartoon stories

We are open to sugestions

What can happen on the event?




Fun and games

Solo, pair, group dances