Contact Improvisation

Contact Improvisation

Contact improvisatin is a research área of movment initated by steve paxton in 1972 in USA.

Paraticed in group with others with phisical contact. 

It has some resemblances with grappling, social dancing, falling, acrobatics and other forms. 

It consists in the improvisation and exploration of body movements with oneself and/or connected with more one or more bodies. With the usage of elements such as touch, giving and recieving weights and body awareness. 

There is a constant and present listening in realtime of the space around you, what is around you and of the points of contact with one or more bodies.

What can happen in a class and jam?

Dance improvisation

Body awareness

Dancing in 2, 3 or more

Giving weight

Receiving weight

Sharing weight

Connection exercies

How to say no/yes, change partners, control unwanted situations

Non verbal comunications

Respect and bounderies



Movement exploration

Exploration of different points of contact with 2, 3 or more

Exercises of leading and following

And others...