Open Performances

Open Performances

You got a talent?

You would like to show it?

You like to see different things?

This can be the event for you.

Every performer/artist is welcome:


Story Telling



Body expression



Showing a talent


Playing a instrument



Circus Arts

Or others...

Anyone is welcome to come and see

Photographers and Videomakers are welcome

We ask the participants/performers to fill the form to be easier to manage the performances.

It will help us also have a better idea of the performance to be shown and for us to see if it would be possible to be done on the space.

Its also possible to do inscriptions on the day if there is still spots/time available.

The purpose of this events its to create a open and safe space for people to share their art/talent.

For people who is starting ou developing their performatives practices.

Gathering and meeting performers.

Having fun and hanging out