Urban Dances

Urban Dances

A class to learn more about the styles linked to hip hop dance or urban dances.

In this class you can learn, grow your vocabulary of dance/movement, improve steps and movements of different dance styles and other concepts of movement. 

Has the aim of growing your liking of dance in general and to have a fun environment

What can happen on the classes?

Freestyle/free dance

Improvisation of movement

Different tools/concepts or ways to develop movement and dance

Floor work and floor exploration

Different styles/steps linked to hip hop




Hip hop





Waaking + Vogue 



Improvisation, improve your skills of adaptation and freestyle

Changing levels

Improving notion of space, dimensions and lines

Learning how to gain autonomy of your practice and how to practice

Improve your skills of representation and expression 

Improving body awareness and control

Increase of mobility and flexibility

Improvement of balance and coordination

Increase of muscle resistance and strength 

Development of new Movement patterns

Abdominal/Core strength

Reduces stress and anxiety

Improves the psychological well being

Improvement of concentration

Improves cardio-respiratory condition

Helps on weight loss

Improves agility